The Story Of Mumma Love Organics

The concept behind Mumma Love Organics came as a result of my baby daughter Ella being born too early. Who knew that such a concern could turn out to be my greatest blessing in disguise?

Our Story

Ella was born slightly premature and was a low birth weight baby. After a difficult birth she was transferred to the special baby care unit. It was hard not being able to cuddle my child on demand, however this is when I was first introduced to baby massage. The nurse caring for Ella showed me ways to gently touch and stroke her to provide a more effective way of comforting her. These methods left her calmer, more contented and made what precious time we had together more enjoyable.

The Benefits of Baby Massage

This nurse sat with me for hours talking to me about the power of touch and how it can really help stabilise a baby’s breathing, heart rate and encourage their physical and emotional development. This physical interaction also helps babies feed with greater ease, which in turn helps promote weight gain.

She went on to say that massage for babies reduces levels of stress, resulting in a deeper slumber – the list of benefits the power of touch held was seemingly endless. When the day came to bring Ella home, I was filled with nerves; she was a very sensitive baby and seemed to suffer from every common ailment newborns encounter. This was when I remembered what the nurse had told me about massage and natural baby care.

Strapping Ella into her sling, I headed off to the local library, researching for hours the positives of natural baby products and care. A whole new world became open to me, right from natural tummy massage for colic to organic baby products for eczema – two common ailments my baby suffered from greatly. I developed my own natural colic relief massage, soothing away the tummy pains Ella was suffering from and learnt how to blend my own organic baby oils and balms to help with her sensitive skin.

Why I Went Organic

I didn’t realise how many man-made chemicals normal baby products contained until I started making my own. Babies are born with defenceless immune systems, and as I learned more about natural baby care, the importance of what I was putting on my baby’s skin dawned on me. This realisation led to one conclusion: the safest and most effective products always contained organic and natural ingredients.

I used massage and organic baby care in my daily routine and watched my baby thrive. Seeing Ella grow into a healthy child made me even more passionate about natural baby products and care, so I went back to college to learn more.

Over the last ten years, I have been an enthusiastic student and practitioner of baby aromatherapy, massage and nutrition. I was blessed to go on to have two more healthy children, Max and Yasmin, and developed massage routines and organic baby products to help them through the complaints they faced in infancy.

This is how Mumma Love Organics was born. I wanted to share the successes I’ve had with my three children and create a range of organic baby products to help mothers soothe and settle their babies naturally, for better sleep patterns and a calmer more contented little ones.