Our Honest Promise

Mumma Love Organics was founded on a strong set of beliefs and values to help new parents soothe their little one’s common ailments naturally, in a kind, caring way. We support new parents by educating them on the benefits natural remedies and organic products can bring; we do this by our weekly blogs, YouTube channel and organic skincare range.

We are all parents’ here at Mumma Love Organics and know firsthand how precious your little ones are, but what’s especially precious is their skin. A child’s skin is 30% more delicate than an adult’s, leaving it sensitive and prone to irritation. The skin is our largest organ, and whatever we put onto it is absorbed by the body, which is why it needs to be treated with care, and why what you put onto your child’s skin needs to be carefully scrutinized.

Our promise to you at Mumma Love Organics is ‘honesty.’ All our products are mindfully created for little people, at affordable pricing, without compromising on ingredients. When we say our products are ‘free from’ nasties, they really are! Parents often think that the government sets ingredient standards for “natural/organic” products and requires tests to ensure that items meet those standards, but unfortunately, this is not true. Natural products are still grown with sprays and nasty pesticides, which could still potentially be carried over into your child’s bath wash (a recent marketing report from the Soil Association stated that nearly two thirds (59%) of all baby food sold in UK supermarkets is organic. They believe that the skincare market will soon follow as parents become more educated on what they are putting onto their child’s skin. It makes little sense for parents to be feeding their children organic foods but then washing them in products that could contain pesticides or nasty ingredients).

The only way you can guarantee a pure, free-from product is to go with a certified organic product – like ours at Mumma Love Organics. Many products can market themselves as free from nasties, but cannot meet the strict organic standards. This is why honesty is so important to us; we care what stays out of our products as much as we care what goes into making them. No sneaky pesticides will be found in our products – just natural, organic ingredients with a no nasty honest promise. This is supported by the Soil Association Organic Standard.

Plus don’t forget our excellent books that will help you on your parenting journey!

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