Boost your chances to conceive naturally

When you’re trying to conceive, there is no better time to shine the spotlight on your body and mind, and changing the things that are currently not working for you. We can all benefit from taking stock of our overall health from time to time, and especially when you intend to nurture new life! Here are some tips on how to boost your chances of conceiving naturally.

Facing infertility

Infertility can be hugely distressing, and often a subject that few women like to discuss openly. It’s intensely private, and there are many reasons why couples might prefer to keep this to themselves. The heartache of trying to conceive naturally can be hard to deal with, so if you do find yourself in this position, take care to nurture and protect your relationship with your partner as much as you can. Talk to each other, and support each other through your journey. Despite the frustration, there are alternative methods of conception that you can explore with your medical team, so do read up as much as you can on all of your options.

If you are only just starting out on your journey to conception, there is no reason why you can’t maximise your chances now.

Eat well

Your body needs nutrition to be able to function well. And you need the energy to maintain tip top physical and emotional health too! Many women may believe that a certain diet might be the key to conception, but actually a normal balanced diet is the best course of action to take. Make sure your daily diet includes:

● Fats. Yes, really! The body needs fats (or essential fatty acids) to maintain a healthy diet. The fats found in eggs and butter are particularly good for fertility as they contain arachidonic. If you’d rather not eat eggs and butter, you can up your intake of avocados instead. Also supplement your diet with oils such as coconut or evening primrose.
● Carbs. Another dieters no-no, but carbohydrates are vital for the body’s ability to maintain thyroid health. Go for whole grains, nuts, starchy vegetables, and 1-2 servings of fruit per day.
● Cut down/ eliminate alcohol and caffeine. Recent studies report that drinking alcohol and caffeine can impact your chances of conceiving, so work to avoid these at all costs!
● Plenty of greens… and reds and yellows too! Eating a wide range of fruit and vegetables will boost your fertility and help you to maintain overall health too.
● Eat fish- particularly types that are high in omega 3s (mackerel, trout and salmon) but go easy on fish such as tuna, which has high levels of mercury.
● Go organic- if in doubt, choose organic produce, and aim for as many natural, unprocessed ingredients as you can.

Use herbs

Herbs can be used to help stabilise and regulate hormones in the body, and this can have a great impact on fertility. For example, Macca can be used to raise the body temperature, leading to more chances of conceiving naturally. Red clover is also fantastic, as it’s high in vitamins and minerals, and helps to process metabolic waste in the body. This means that the body is more alkaline, which is better for conception. Red clover also relaxes the reproductive system and strengthens the blood and bones too.

Cleanse your mind

If you are stressed and anxious, your body is working overtime in all the wrong ways. Lots of women find that once they clear their minds and focus on positivity, their fertility issues become a thing of the past. If you are feeling stressed about conceiving, try to take steps to relax a little more. Try:

● Meditation- this can feel more energising than a full night’s sleep!
● Gentle exercise- yoga, for example is wonderful for focusing on your breathing, and clearing your mind effectively. Walking and swimming are great too, and all have the added bonus of ensuring your physical health is being looked after too.
● Keep an open mind. This is easier said than done, but it really can help to remain open to your journey. Allow your body to explore it’s fertility and set yourself apart from stresses and strains.

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