Skin Care Essentials for Babies

 When you become a parent, there is suddenly a list as long as your arm of baby ‘essentials’ that you simply must buy! And granted, some of them truly are essentials. But how can you tell? Its usually trial and error- you spend a lot of money, you bring home a lot of stuff, and then you decide what you actually need and what you really don’t. And I’m afraid that no amount of blog posts telling you what you do and don’t need is really going to sway you when you have your heart set on certain products either! So we’re not going to write a post about what you don’t need. Instead, we’re going to write a post about the things we definitely think you do need, and then it’s up to you! Here are our top five skin care essentials for babies.

 Cotton wool

 When your baby is brand new, her skin is so delicate. Newborn skin is actually very different from that of older children and adults. It’s much thinner and as a result much more sensitive and prone to damage. It’s also a lot more absorbent, so whatever you put on it is taken in a lot more effectively, so you really need to be careful.

 Cotton wool is recommended because it is so soft and for the first few weeks it’s the only thing you’re going to want to use on your baby. Forget the wipes, cotton wool balls dipped in warm water are best for baby’s bottom. Use them also to clean baby’s face, wipe her eyes (dipped in cooled boiled water, wiping from inside corner out, and use only once) and for top and toe washes too.

 Baby Massage Oil

 OK, so we may be a little biased, but  baby massage oil is certainly a skin care essential we can’t live without! Because your baby’s skin needs to be treated with only the most gentle of products, organic oil is usually recommended for dry skin and cradle cap etc. But did you know that baby massage is also a great way to combat these conditions too?

 Baby massage helps to encourage blood flow around the body and this, in turn, will rejuvenate the skin and help to keep it soft and supple. But it’s important to know that not all oils are suitable for your baby. The best oil to use is coconut oil, as it works as a  natural moisturizer.

Baby Wash

 You just cannot use any old product to clean your baby’s skin. As already mentioned, it is so much more sensitive than our own, and so if you use adult products to wash your baby you are going to irritate and possibly damage the delicate cells. So baby products are always recommended for washing, and when you’re choosing you want to make sure you go for as organc and natural a product as possible. The fewer the ingredients, the better! No nasty chemicals please.

 We recommend our very own fragrance-free hair and body wash because it contains no parabens, no silicones and no SLS. It has a gentle formula that will cleanse and soothe your baby’s skin without irritations, and it contains only natural and organic ingredients so you can rest assured it’s going to be the safest wash you can use.

Baby nail scissors

 Babies with long nails are bad news! Not only do young babies find it hard to control their hands and arms (so scratch themselves quite easily) but they are also fairly sharp when they grab hold of you too! Baby scratch mittens are ok, but lots of babies like to suck on their hands and fingers for comfort so if you keep the nails short you’ll be doing her a favour.

 Nappy Cream 

Nappy cream is essential for keeping nappy rash at bay and should be a must-have in your changing bag. However, many nappy creams can contain nasty ingredients that can irritate your baby’s bottom rather than soothe it. Petrochemicals, such as mineral oil are often found in such creams, which can lead to irritation around the genital area. So when buying nappy cream, try and go as natural as possible or you could even consider making your own. There are lots of natural baby care recipes in my book ‘The Natural Baby’. Why not grab your copy today?


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