Flower Power Eggs

Cooking with your kids is an excellent way to tempt them to try new foods.  Eggs cooked in peppers is a fun, colourful dinner and easy to create.  Ask your kids to get the ingredients ready, wash and slice the peppers (with your supervision of course) or crack the eggs. Getting them involved will make them feel empowered, which in turn makes them more willing to try new foods.

Makes: 4 flower eggs


1 tbsp. Vegetable oil.

4 Eggs

1 Red Bell Pepper

1 Yellow Bell Pepper


Wash the bell peppers thoroughly, and then slice them horizontally from top to bottom, so they resemble rings.

Pop the oil into a non-stick frying pan. Place the flower rings on the pan and cook on a medium heat. Crack the eggs in each flower ring, allowing the egg to spread out and fill the ring.

Cook for around 3 – 5 minutes or until the eggs are done, season and serve.

Mumma’s Tip:  I often use different colour peppers, the kids love the rainbow effect it creates in the pan!