Mumma’s Recipes

Meal times and small children… two things that don’t always go together that well. Fussy eaters can make offering healthy, nourishing meals a struggle, and it can become all too easy to slip into the routine of giving them something less healthy just to get them to eat something… We’ve been there. We understand. If meal times are more like a battle than a pleasant time spent together, our weekly recipes might be just the thing you need.

Our aim is to provide weekly recipes that gently show your children that nutritious healthy food can be tasty too. This means that your eating routines will be improved, and that in turns improves the health of your children. No longer will you have to referee a food fight; these new meal ideas make feeding the kids a picnic.

But we don’t just cater for fussy eaters – our blog will be full of the perfect food to eat during pregnancy, as well as baby’s first foods and much more. All of our recipes include ingredients that will boost immune systems and ensure that everyone – adults and children and babies alike – has enough vitamins, minerals, and other supplements to keep them strong and healthy.

Mumma Love Organics’ Samantha provides recipes for the Green Parenting Magazine, and covers everything from healthy cooking that gets the whole family involved to power packed foods for pregnancy. You can subscribe to the magazine here.

Watch out for Samantha new book ‘Mum’s Sneaky Recipes’. This book consists of over 200 healthy recipes which will help encourage children to eat their five a day in a fun and creative way.