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The concept behind Mumma Love Organics came as a result of my baby daughter, Ella, being born early. After a difficult birth, she was transferred to the special baby care unit. It was hard not being able to cuddle my child on demand, however, this is when I was first introduced to baby massage. The nurse caring for Ella showed me ways to gently touch and stroke her to provide a more effective way of comforting her. These methods left her calmer, more contented and made what precious time we had together more enjoyable.

Following Ella’s birth, I developed a real passion for making baby care as natural as possible. Ella’s premature birth opened up the world of baby massage and organic baby care to me. I used the methods I’d learned daily and enjoyed seeing my daughter thrive as a result. Seeing Ella grow into a healthy child made me even more passionate about natural baby products and care, so I went back to college to learn more. Over the last 15 years, I have been an enthusiastic student and practitioner of baby aromatherapy, massage and natural settling.

After Ella, I was blessed with two more healthy children, Max and Yasmin. The massage routines and organic baby products I developed helped them through the complaints they faced in infancy.  The more I saw my children thrive the more passion grew and this is how Mumma Love Organics was born.

I went on a training course for making natural products after I had Ella, having read numerous books on blending and natural ingredients. I developed my own products for Ella’s afflicted skin as well as balms and oils for my other two children. After I had my third child, I wanted to share my passion and help educate new mothers about natural childcare. This led to me writing a number of natural parenting books.

After writing my books I decided to create a bespoke range of natural child care products to complement my passion. This took me around two years. I would test blends at home, testing them on myself, my children and friends until I came up with a tailored range that provided comfort and contentment for the whole family.

Why Organic

Babies are born with defenseless immune systems, and as I learned more about natural baby care, the importance of what I was putting on my child’s skin dawned on me. This realization led to one conclusion: the safest and most effective products always contain organic, naturally occurring ingredients. All Mumma Love Organics products have been certified organic by The Soil Association and are approved by Cosmos, making them one of the safest products on the market. They have also won a number of leading industry awards.

Our most favorite product loved by mums is our bedtime bath wash. This wash has been specially developed to settle a child at night time, creating great sleep patterns and contented little ones.

Plans for the future

I would like to travel to certain areas of the world when my children are older to learn about how other cultures calm and settle their child and hopefully bring this over to the West in the form of a book. For example, in some cultures, mothers keep their children strapped to them, which helps strengthen the bond and promote the mental wellbeing of the child. Also, in some cultures, after the birth of a child, the mother is massaged every day postpartum, which helps enhance the healing process. The power of touch is so understated yet so vital – it’s a personal ambition of mine to understand this universal language and to translate its importance to anyone who’s willing to listen.

At present though, I just hope my products will help many new parents calm and settle their children the natural way. My aim is to create more peaceful, healthy and contented little ones.

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