How To Make a Christmas Eve Box

Creating family rituals is so meaningful, it bonds you as a family and mindfully creates traditions that are often passed down through generations. If you’re looking to create a unique ritual this Christmas, then creating a Christmas Eve box is for you….

These magical boxes are a lovely way to begin your Christmas together; it’s wonderfully enchanting watching your kids faces as they receive a festive gift early. It is indeed, the perfect way, to get your kids excited and ready for festive fun! Christmas Eve boxes are given as a special treat on the evening of 24th December, before Santa starts his journey. The idea is to fill these boxes with things that will get your child excited for the mystical night ahead. They usually consist of small presents such as pyjamas, sweets, and books – similar to gifts found in stockings. However, if you’re new to this tradition, fear not, I have put together a handy guide, which has everything you need to make your own Christmas Eve box:

New Pyjamas

A lovely, soft pair of festive pyjamas are a sure winner for the Christmas Eve box. Getting ready for Santa to come in a new pair of snuggly PJs is a must on Christmas Eve.

Hot Chocolate in a Festive Mug

Hot chocolate is the perfect drink for little ones on Christmas Eve. Before your children head off to bed, make them a delicious hot chocolate in a festive mug. Then cuddle up together under a cosy, snuggly blanket and watch a Christmas film – perfect.

Reindeer Food

Magic reindeer food is a must-have for creating those magical Christmas moments – especially for those little believers. It’s simple to make, all you need is a cup of porridge and some glitter (lots of companies sell it online in small bags). Just before bedtime get your children to sprinkle this magical food over your garden. Tell your children the moon will make it sparkle bright, and when Santas reindeer and flying high, they will see the food and drop on by.

A Special Santa Key

Not many of us have chimneys nowadays, so buying a Santa key is a great idea. Pop a Santa key into the box and ask your children to leave it just outside the back door, so he can let himself in.

A festive busy book
Children love to colour, adding a Christmas busy book will help keep children occupied on such an exciting and magical night.

Bedtime Bubble Bath

Our soothing bedtime bubble bath is perfect to use on Christmas Eve; it will gently encourage your over-excited children to place their little heads down to rest for the night.

A poem from Santa

Here’s a poem I created for my own children’s Christmas Eve box. You are more than welcome to use it for yours!


Can you hear the sound of hooves yet? The happy sound of scurrying elves? Santa’s factory’s looking empty now, not a toy upon the shelves! That’s because it’s Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve is finally here! So listen out for the sound of bells, the sound of Christmas cheer.

Remember to leave a key for me, right by your closed back door. A mince pie or two and a drink of milk would help our heavy sleigh soar.

I must get back I just wanted to make, a simple point or two. And for being so very good this year, say an extra special thank you.

Merry Christmas



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